Anonymous asked: did justin hear bangerz?

let me ask him

Anonymous asked: Is Miley going to calm down soon? I'm worried about her.

she’s fine

Anonymous asked: is miley's whole team happy with 4x4 being the single

well I know Tish wanted Drive as the next single sooo

dvnlinparis asked: What's cheyne of Miley?

her friend 

keshaallday asked: What is there to expect for the Bangerz tour? I know that she will have special guests that helped with her album like MikeWILL and Future and etc.


Anonymous asked: What do miley and madonna do

a mashup of wcs

Anonymous asked: does miley sing fu for mtv unplugged?


Anonymous asked: what song does miley sing the best for unplugged


Anonymous asked: does miley cover any backyard session songs for mtv unplugged?

she does